Brick & Block Repair Canterbury

Most of the repair work has been earthquake related, but if your son or daughter has “accidently” hit your brick fence or letterbox, we will be happy to assist!

Because of the Christchurch earthquake, we have done many grind and repoints which involves grinding out the cracked joints in the brick or block and then we fill the joints back up again with grout.

If we feel the damage is a bit more severe we can use the Helifix remedial product which involves a special two-part mix grout which you use to smother around a specially designed stainless steel bar in your cracked bricks or blocks. This provides substantial tensile properties to masonry when bonded with Helibond grout, which is able to lock tight between the fins and to the masonry.

If we feel your work is beyond repair then we can provide a total re-clad and rebrick your whole house.

Mike and Andy also specialize in stone so if you have any old retaining garden walls or stone steps and paths that are in need of a little love and attention then give us a call!

brick and block repair work
For Brick & Block Repair Work in Canterbury

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