We have been brick and block laying in Canterbury for over 30 years.

Our Services


We can make your dream a reality. Let Verheul Stone bring your ideas to life. Our specialist team can build anything from outdoor kitchens/fireplaces, planter boxes, mowing strips, stone patios to garden paths. No challenge is too big, no job too small, we will tackle it with ease.

Stone Work

Working with natural stone is where it is at for us. No two jobs are ever the same with stones and to create something from a pile of rock is very rewarding. We work with all types of stones: Schist, Oomaru, Halswell, blue and volcanic stones and can build anything within reason.


Every bricklayer says he or she is the best but over the years, I have seen some horrible jobs by those who think they are the best. We believe that if you are paying for a service, you should get the best, whether it be your new house, to your BBQ or letter box. There is no compromise!


Getting you out of the ground is what we do best. We have been doing hill site works for many years and have a solid working relationship with our builders. We also know how important it is to get it right at this stage of your build. Short cuts and a cheap looking job is not what we are about. We set a very high standard and give your clients/builders nothing but the best results everytime!

Repair Work

We specialize in grind and repoints with or without the Helifix Remedial Product depending on severity of the damage. If you need total re-clads from bricks to Oamaru stone, or you have damaged columns, letter boxes, fences or brick paving, if its stone, brick or blocks and it is damaged Verheul Stone should be your number 1 choice everytime.

Heritage & Restoration

Pre 1900 to early 1800 brick stone or block work, we do it all. Bringing our history back to life again for many more generations to come. We believe we have the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle any project.